Kitchen Renovation Tips From The Painting Contractors NYC Trusts

If you’re planning a total kitchen renovation in NYC, you might not know exactly what you’re in for. Even in an apartment, the kitchen is the heart of the space, and you never know how much you rely on it until it’s out of order. While a total kitchen makeover will involve many tradesmen, including plumbers, electricians, tilesetters, cabinet installers, and a host of others, it’s the painters that generally are the last people the customer sees, so they know more about what your life will be like at the end of the job than anyone. We asked the painting contractors NYC relies on to finish the job for their tips on surviving a kitchen redo with the least amount of disruption.


  1. Plan for the long haul – No matter how many layers of management are overseeing your renovation, they’ll have trouble determining exactly how long it will take your project to go from demolition to completion. Even if you settle on a soup-to-nuts contractor to handle it, there are many things that can happen during a major renovation that are beyond their control to avoid or predict. Demolition can expose hidden troubles that affect your timeline right from the first day. The delayed delivery of a key material at the wrong time can send the most skilled scheduler back to the whiteboard. No matter how much time your contractor estimates it will take to complete your project, add a cushion.
  2. Include eating out in your renovation budget – One way to soften the blow of a kitchen disruption is to acknowledge that you’re going to dine out three times a day until the job is done. Why not put it in your budget as a line item like any other construction cost? You’ll have a better idea what your renovation is really going to cost you if you add in associated costs, too.
  3. Discover a second kitchen in your space – The painting contractors NYC apartment dwellers rely on to finish the job see customers sneaking into their partially renovated kitchens to get things they need. That can lead to more delays and friction between contractors and customers. Why not remove as many appliances from the kitchen as you can and place them temporarily outside the renovation war zone? Your refrigerator will keep your beer just as cold in the bedroom as in the kitchen.
  4. Go on vacation – When all else fails, why not go on vacation while your kitchen is torn to pieces? As long as you hire a supervisor you can trust to finish the job, you’ll be able to come home to a spanking new kitchen with none of the hassles. Be prepared to get a few phone calls on the beach when problems arise that need an owner’s OK.

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What You Need to Know About Bed Bugs?

Killing bed bugs is certainly not a child’s play. It requires lot of efforts and knowledge for extermination of bed bugs. Today, my home is completely free from any bed bug. This could only be possible because of bed bug exterminator nyc. They helped me out at one of the worst phases of my life. For more than two years, my house remained occupied with bed bugs. I never want to experience such situation again in my life.

I know there are many people in NYC dealing with the similar situation now. I know it is hard, but you should not worry. Instead, act now and call the professionals. This is the best thing that you should do now. I am sharing some important facts about bed bugs that can help recognize them easily, and get rid of them too.

Basic bed bug information

Bed bugs are extremely small insects, and often are too small for normal vision. It becomes very hard to find out these creatures at early stages of infestation. For more than four months, I was unaware that these insects were present in my house. My skin is not very sensitive to bed bug bites. Therefore, it was hard to find out what was biting me. However, when I searched on the internet about the problem, I found many shocking things. After reading them, I acted quickly and found that bed bugs were causing all the trouble. Here, are some important signs that depict the presence of bed bugs:

• The main sign of bed bug presence is the bites on body. Bed bugs bite during nighttime when people are sleeping.
• Presence of bed bug eggs on mattress and bedding. They are similar to pale poppy seeds, but tiny.
• Often there are dark brown fecal spots on bed sheet. These are also signs of bed bugs.

Effects of bed bug bites

Different skin types react differently with bed bug bites. Sometimes there is almost no reaction from the bites, but in certain cases, severe swelling may occur. Usually, red bump on the skin appears after bitten by the bug. This is called papule. This may look similar to mosquito bites, but it lasts much longer.

I was confused because of them, but soon I found out that the bumps were taking long time to heal. Bed bugs are not supposed to carry diseases or spread diseases, but skin infection may arise because of the biting. Other problems include sleepless nights, anxiety and mental stress. I spent many months without proper sleep. I was always worried that bed bugs might bite me. This caused an unusual concern in me, which lead to lots of problems related to my daily routine. This is a very awkward situation, and if you are in such condition, makes sure to get help soon.

Killing bed bugs

It is almost an impossible task of killing bed bugs by your own. The problem with bed bugs is that they can hide anywhere in the home, mostly in soft materials such as sofa, mattress and fluffy clothes. After doing many efforts to kill them, I found that the task was not as easy as I thought about it. After suffering for about two years from this problem, and spending my time, money and energy in removing them, I finally decided to get help from professional exterminators. I found a good exterminator service near my home. That was a relief for me because it was also cost effective. I found this is the only proper solution in case of killing bed bugs. I encourage people to use professional help instead of wasting their money and energy.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Infesting Your Home

Bed bugs are malicious insects, and cause lots of trouble to people. In NYC, many homes are occupied by bed bugs. My home was one of them once, but I am happy that there are not more annoying bed bugs in my home anymore. All thanks to NYC bed bug exterminators. Killing bed bugs without them was impossible task for me.

Bed bug infestation process

There is no straightforward entrance of bed bugs to your home. The infestation is undetectable, and killing bed bugs is a big problem. They can enter through several ways such as clothing, luggage, used beds and many other soft items. The size of bugs and their flattened bodies give them access to sneak into soft items that people often carry. I do not remember how and when did bed bugs infest my home, but it really does not matter. Once they are in, you have to be quick and try every possible method of their removal from your home.

Bed bug biting and problems associated with it

Bed bugs usually bite at night when people are sleeping. They feed on human blood by piercing the skin with their elongated beaks. Red bumps appear on the skin after the bites that cause itching and often swelling appears in some people. Killing bed bugs become extremely important in case you are getting too many bites frequently.

Preventing bed bugs

After the extermination process, there are no signs of bed bugs in my house. However, I have to maintain home well so that bed bugs cannot enter again. You can do this by using applying various prevention methods. Here, are some of the methods I use:

• Make sure to clean bed sheets, mattress and other beddings regularly
• Seal the wall cracks and crevices
• Never bring home any piece of cloth that is dirty
• Ensure proper cleaning of clothes after traveling

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are quite annoying as creatures. Getting rid of them can be extremely tough. There are preliminary no health issues associated with bed bugs, but skin problems, unhygienic environment and anxiety is seen in many people whose homes are infested with bed bugs. Killing bed bugs on your own is a tough task. When I found that my house had bed bugs, I was stressed out. This caused many health and mental problems in me. I was even afraid of calling people to my house because of the bed bugs. This was certainly an embarrassing situation. However, I got professional help form queens roofing that exterminated all the bed bugs from my home.
I am going to share some of my experiences with the bed bugs, so that in any case they attack your house; you do have proper solution available to get rid of them.

How bed bugs infest your home?

I have really no idea about how the bed bugs infest my home. There are number of ways of their infestation. Bugs usually enter the home through wall cracks and crevices. While traveling and camping, bugs stack themselves to the beddings we carry. In this way, they travel from hotel to hotel, humans to humans, and spread rapidly. Killing bed bugs in such situations become almost impossible for a person. Therefore, professionals recommend not bringing any beddings or sleeping bags inside your home without cleaning them first.

How to kill bed bugs?

Bed bugs are not like other insects that one can kill by spraying some insecticide. The problem with bed bugs is that they multiply very rapidly and may induce resistance to a certain chemical. Therefore, killing them is a tricky task. I used many procedures to kill bed bugs at my home, but I never got rid of them completely. There remained many bugs hidden in many places of my home. Finally, I got help from professional bed bug exterminators for cleaning my home, and after that, I never had any problems with bed bugs.

How to get professional extermination service

I was always worried about the professional extermination services. Often, other people told me that the pricing of extermination service is too high, and it is not effective too. However, I found out that that the best bed bug exterminator nyc cost was very less than I knew. Most people often think the similar way I was thinking at that time. However, the truth is totally opposite to our thinking. In fact, the cost of removing bed bugs by your own is very high. It also takes many efforts and hard work by using different techniques that are hard to implement. On the other hand, bed bug preparation services nyc is very cost effective. It not only provides easy way to remove bugs from your home, also ensures that there are no further bed bug attacks in the house.

There are many exterminator services in NYC. You can find any good service near your home very easily. It is necessary to know what type of extermination service you want. It depends on the extermination company that you are hiring for work. Always get quotes before hiring someone for extermination work. This surely helps you find the best extermination service, and get rid of the bed bugs.


My experience with bed bugs was really bad and upsetting. However, it also taught me many things that will help me in case bed bugs attack my home again. Killing bed bugs was not easy for me, and it is definitely not easy for anyone of you to do on your own. So, use professional bug termination services and make your home a place worth for livelihood.